Book Review 📚 Parable of the Talents: Change, Power, and Required Action

Olamina, from the very start, sought to build community. It started with a vision she never even tried to own. A vision that obsessed her. She emphasized something that was as well-known as it was dangerous, going against Power by helping people empower themselves and building different structures is powerful. When you no longer seek power, when you seek Community, Power follows and sticks to you. You are either to use it or be crushed by it.

Book Review 📚 Kindred: Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same

Kindred is important in helping us think about our humanity and the systems we establish in our societies today, and at any point in history. It helps us think about the roles we are expected to play and how they vary across time and space, yet still remain the same in various ways. Finally, to me, Kindred is an intimate metaphor for race relations in the United States.

Independence or Death: An Oath Worth Revisiting

This is my favorite time of the year. I have a thing for endings. It is the time when the lesson is learned, the cord is cut. And somehow, it is where one realizes that nothing ever ends, as much as nothing lasts forever. Once the choice has been made, you’re condemned to remake it … Continue reading Independence or Death: An Oath Worth Revisiting

Mèt Kaka a ranmase Kaka l’*: Incoherent Thoughts about My Shithole D’Amour

Whosever shit it is, pick your shit upBeing Haitian-American often feels like what I imagine to be the existence of a child living in an abusive household. She witnesses one parent destroy the other, time and time again, creating pathologies that it would take lifetimes to understand, let alone heal from. But shelter is still … Continue reading Mèt Kaka a ranmase Kaka l’*: Incoherent Thoughts about My Shithole D’Amour