The Art of Seeking and Providing Feedback

Developing a better relationship with feedback means working on killing your ego, this idea that you can just birth your ideas as they appear in your mind, that good writing can be readymade. As soon as you start doing the actual work, you realize that storytelling is a complicated endeavor that shapes you as much as you shape the lines on the page. And as long as you keep doing so, the shapes will align and meld.

What’s Next?: Detaching from the Quest for Certainty

Not many things cause me as much distress as not knowing what comes next. Which is puzzling as my entire life reveals a pattern of these situations where I'm caught in limbo, unsure of what lays ahead. The most wonderful things happen then. After the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti pushed me to finish high school … Continue reading What’s Next?: Detaching from the Quest for Certainty