How Do You Deal With Change and Finding Your “Next” ?

As I slide into my new responsibilities and roles, I've been struggling with integrating my recent achievements. I was thinking about writing a new post about it, then I remembered this one I wrote over a year ago, pre-pandemic. What got me here, won't get me to my "Next". Here's to my new beginnings and my old dreams.

Forgiveness as a Boundary: Integrate and Flow

At 26, I’m learning that boundaries shouldn’t keep you barricaded behind thick walls, preventing access to and from the world around you. Boundaries should be your safety pack, assuring you that you’re in control, enveloping you in confidence and freedom as you explore your environment, your connections and your future. This year, I’m learning to integrate and flow.

How to be Unapologetically Authentic without being a Dick

Growing up my nickname was Mèt Peyi. Loosely translated as “Master of the Country”, it was often meant to designate a child too big for her britches, who called out adults on their bullshit, who had no qualms about telling the impolite truth, a “towo”, a bull, lacking grace, devoid of charm. As time passed, … Continue reading How to be Unapologetically Authentic without being a Dick

Find Flow: Lessons of the Seasons

In Haiti, the only seasons we know about are rain and shine. There’s no need to check the weather. If it’s going to rain, your senses alert you. You can smell the earth around you, the giant, menacing clouds chase all the blue out of the sky, and the leaves vibrate, performing a divine rain … Continue reading Find Flow: Lessons of the Seasons